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Wu Nan is a student of the Graduate School of Journalism, University of California at Berkeley. Wu Nan worked for the Boston Globe Beijing Bureau as a news assistant for three years. She also worked as a reporter for one and a half years at the Economic Observer, a Chinese national financial weekly based in Beijing. Her reports focused on the changes in modern China society and the world.
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Chinese Bloggers on the History and Influence of the “Fifty Cent Party”

The “Fifty Cent Party,” (“五毛党”) professional Internet commentators hired by provincial and local authorities, have become one mechanism to eliminate the online opinions that are critical of the government. Here is one example from Jiaozuo Daily in Henan province, posted by blogger Wang Xiaoshan, translated by CDT: In recent years, negative news reporting

May 15, 2008

Tibet’s Legal Right to Autonomy

Far Eastern Economic Review published several special essays on Tibet for their May issue, leading with the piece by Paul Harris to look at Tibetan autonomy from a legal perspective. Nobody disputes that the Tibetans are a distinct people with their own language and culture, who form a large majority of the population of Tibet. Moreover, Tibet is controlled by the Chinese government

May 2, 2008

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