In World Skyscraper Race, It Isn’t Lonely at the Top – Howard W. French

From the New York Times:

190-Shanghai-02Mr. Mori, who has a Trump-like three dozen or so buildings in Tokyo that bear his name, would offer the world’s tallest building, at 1,614 feet. For extra effect the roof of his new building would be formed by a giant enclosed circle that would house specially outfitted cars, a sort of Ferris wheel at the top of the world.

If can be said to have journeys, what has happened since has been one long, strange trip indeed. These days workers are racing to complete the 101-floor building on schedule, mounting skyward floor by floor toward a hitherto unaccustomed view that looks down on the neighboring landmarks. [Full text]

May 8, 2007 9:09 AM
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