Hong Kong Pier Wins Reprieve – Reuters

Hunger strikers for preserving the heritage of Queen’s Pier face eviction orders from the government while the High Court reviews the “arguable” case about civil space and the accountability of the government. From Reuters via International Herald Tribune:

Civic activists fighting to save a colonial-era pier here won a reprieve Tuesday after a high court judge agreed to hear an application challenging the government’s decision to dismantle the structure.

The 53-year-old Queen’s Pier – once a quiet harbor-front site in the city’s financial heart – has become a civic battleground, pitting heritage groups against a government focused on development that wants the pier removed to make room for land reclamation and roadworks. [Full Text]

[Photo of the Queen’s Pier from Ian Muttoo via Flickr]

[Photo of the protest from hermyzzz via Flickr]. The banner reads: “Exceptional construction, being allowed to be torn apart! Protect the queen, need you to participate.”]

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August 1, 2007 1:13 AM
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