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Gao Fei is the pen name of a journalist from China now living and working in the U.S.
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Shanghai highrises could worsen threat of rising seas

Reuters reports that Shanghai is particularly at-risk of flooding as global warming melts polar ice. “‘Shanghai came from the ocean, and has been facing the threat of rising sea levels,’ said Wang Pingxian, a member of the prestigious China Academy of Sciences and professor of ocean geology at Tongji University in Shanghai. “‘The rising sea level

October 5, 2008

A Beijing Petitioning Adventure of 40 Parents Who Lost Children

The following is an account of the heart-wrenching experience shared by 40 parents of missing children. After the Olympics and Paralympics had finished, they went to Beijing to petition for help to find their children. Written by one of the parents and translated by CDT via a blog post. While the story is being spread quickly over the Net, it is also being censored by bloghosts and BBS

October 2, 2008

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