More Chinese, Japanese Positive about Bilateral Ties – Xinhua

China Daily carried Xinhua’s report on the relationship between China and Japan and says that “more and more Chinese and Japanese have positive views on relations between the two countries with the improvement in bilateral ties, according to a joint survey by the two sides.”

…More than 60 percent of the Chinese and Japanese polled say they think the other country is important to the development of their own country, and more than half of them hold there is room for the two countries to cooperate in energy and economic fields.

On the future bilateral ties, 65.9 percent Chinese students and 73.1 percent Chinese citizens said they are “optimistic” or “fairly optimistic, while in Japan, 40.9 percent of the citizens believe the future relations between China and Japan will improve….[Full Text]

August 19, 2007 7:58 AM
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