Where Succession Planning is a State Secret – Geoffrey York

The Globe and Mail looks at the incoming 5th generation of CCP leaders likely to emerge from behind the shroud of secrecy at the :

Almost unnoticed by the world, China is in the final stages of an election campaign of crucial importance.

The outcome will decide its political leadership for years to come – yet only about a dozen voters are involved.

It is a peculiarly Chinese-style struggle, conducted entirely in secrecy. The candidates are discreet and inscrutable, the protocol is careful, the jostling is private, the media are silent, and the whole affair has an aura of complete mystery. Only a handful of insiders will be involved in the decision. [Full text]

The article points to Li Keqiang as the likely successor to Hu Jintao, while Reuters says Shanghai Communist Party boss Xi Jinping is also likely to join the top echelons of power.

September 25, 2007, 11:55 AM
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