Interview With Beijing Lawyer, Li Heping – Radio Free Asia

 020 16-1 From RFA Unplugged blog:

MC: , a lawyer from Beijing Gaobo Longhua law firm, has engaged in quite a few rights-protection legal activities. On Saturday, he was suddenly kidnapped by a group of unknown gangsters. It was reported to the RFA station that the kidnappers took Li Heping to an unidentified building and beat him up. They plundered his mobile hardware from his computer and the chip from his cell phone, and they copied the contents of his laptop. After about six hours, Li Heping was dropped by the kidnappers in the outskirts of Beijing. He returned home afterwards.

The lawyer, Li Heping, told the RFA reporter over the phone that he was kidnapped around 5:00 Saturday afternoon. [Full Text]

[Image source: Li Heping (left), from Epoch Times]

October 13, 2007, 7:25 PM
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