Chinese Authorities Intensify Pressure on Veteran Journalist Zhai Minglei – David Bandurski

China Media Project and Global Voices have updates in the case of journalist/blogger , who has been harassed by police since he spoke out about the closure of his magazine, . From CMP:

Zhai-LaughLast week CMP reported on the troubles facing veteran journalist Zhai Minglei and the ill-fated Minjian magazine. Yesterday, Zhai posted an urgent message on his blogpaper, Yi Bao (壹报) saying police had raided his home, confiscating his last remaining copies of Minjian and taking away Zhai’s hard drive [coverage by John Kennedy at Global Voices here].

According to Zhai Minglei’s post, police should be proceeding with their investigation against him today. [Full text]

Read also an interview with Zhai about the police raid of his home, via Radio Free Asia.

Image of Zhai Minglei via CMP]

November 30, 2007, 9:45 PM
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