“Tolerance Evaporates”: Editors from Two Ill-fated Journals Try in Vain to Reason with Chinese Authorities

From the China Media Project:

In an article earlier this week, Nick Young explained the circumstances surrounding the shutdown this summer of his non-profit journal, the . Based on Chinese journalist Zhai Minglei’s account of the closure of the civil society journal Minjian, both publications seem to have been the victims of a concerted campaign by government authorities against publications servicing the NGO sector in China.

The decisions to shut down the China Development Brief and were not made in consideration of China’s laws, but administrative regulations offered the pretext when those in power ” fearful, says Young, of “color revolutions” elsewhere in the world ” felt it was time to move against them. Alluding to periodic law-enforcement crackdowns, Zhai has suggested the recent moves are part of an “intellectual strike hard campaign.” [Full text]

December 6, 2007, 1:26 PM
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