China’s Growth Hits 11.4% but Price Rises Cause Alarm – Clifford Coonan

From The Independent:

The Chinese economy grew by a sizzling 11.4 per cent last year, the fastest rate for 13 years, but prices are rising too, and there are fears that dissatisfaction about the high cost of staple foods such as pork and cooking oil could derail the growth juggernaut.

Figures showing the strength of the Chinese economy come after a week of recessionary talk elsewhere, and analysts are asking how long China can keep growing at double-digit rates – the rest of the world now needs the Chinese economy to keep growing to underpin global growth. [Full Text]

[Image source: A tailor at a market in Beijing. China’s economy is growing at its fastet pace in 13 years, by The Eng Koon from AFP’s Getty Images]

January 25, 2008, 7:33 AM
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