China Riveted by Stolen Sex Photos of Hong Kong Stars

The Guardian reports on an Internet sex scandal that has made the front pages of the for 16 days in a row, and has been abundantly covered by ESWN and Shanghaiist. From the Guardian:

An unlikely coalition of pop idols, communist censors, Hong Kong police and a Catholic bishop are fighting to stifle the biggest celebrity sex scandal in the history of the Chinese internet.

They are struggling to halt the spread of thousands of lurid digital photographs apparently showing one of Hong Kong’s most famous actors, , in bed with eight of the territory’s top actresses and singers.

The images – illegally copied from the star’s customised pink MacBook – have prompted a media frenzy here that has eclipsed the fixation about Britney Spears in the English-language web.

February 13, 2008, 2:16 PM
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