China SFDA: Buyers Must Vet Drug Safety

After the international spotlight focused on the safety of the drug Heparin, produced in China, the State Food and Drug Administration has said that the responsibility to check a drug’s safety lies with the importing country. From AP:

The State Food and Drug Administration, in a statement on its Web site, said it was cooperating with a U.S. probe into a factory that makes , a blood-thinning drug by Baxter International that is subject to a massive recall due to adverse patient reactions.

“We attach high importance to this,” the agency said in its first comment on the heparin recall. SFDA officials have not responded to repeated inquiries about the case.

But the SFDA said that based on international practice, “safeguarding the legality, safety and quality of raw materials imported for use in is the responsibility of the importing country.”

February 27, 2008 10:59 PM
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