China Toxic for Africa Freedom

From the BBC: Reporters Without Borders claims that China can be blamed for the deteriorating state of Africa’s human rights abuses against journalists.

“The influence of China in African affairs has been very toxic for democracy,” [said] the media watchdog’s Leonard Vincent.

The group claims that China’s growing influence in Africa and the lessening clout of Western countries allows for the tightening of reins on dissident reporters.

The Paris-based group said many governments now took action against the media irrespective of international opinion.

“Jailing journalists is routine now… for doing something that governments don’t like or irritates ministers or heads of state.

Of all the African nations, the report listed Eritrea as the worst offender, where 4 journalists have died in prison over the past 3 years.

See also World Politics Review’s questioning of the report.

February 17, 2008 12:41 AM
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