US, China Sign Pact on Military Hotline

China and the US signed an agreement to set up a long-planned hotline. From the

China and the United States on Friday officially signed an agreement to set up a military hotline between the defence departments of both countries, in a reflection of the improving Sino-American security ties.

The hotline, the first of its kind Beijing has ever established with any country at the defence ministry level, would enable Chinese and the US defence and military leaders to remain in constant touch on major issues of common concern, specially in emergencies.

The two countries also reached a consensus to share military records during the Korean War. From the Associated Press:

A window has opened for families of the 8,100 American servicemen missing since the Korean War, with China agreeing on Friday to allow access to sensitive military records — but only to Chinese researchers at first.

March 1, 2008 9:59 PM
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