Video: Anti-China Protests in London Surprise Olympic Torch Ceremony

From China National News:

A Chinese protection force and scores of British police ringed Olympic torch carriers on their ceremonial run through Sunday but could not prevent a high-profile pro-Tibet demonstration from frequently disrupting the event.

The police made at least 10 arrests after activists protesting China’s crackdown on pro-independence Buddhist monks in Tibet unsuccessfully tried to snuff out and snatch the Olympic flame at two changeover spots during the 31-mile procession.

China’s ambassador to Britain Fu Ying had to hastily change plans to carry the torch – she was bundled into a car and driven away from central London, but then appeared in the China Town area to take the torch.

Here is the video from Youtube about Protester snatch Olympic torch in London:

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April 6, 2008, 6:50 PM
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