Practising Law a Risky Endeavour in China

From the Toronto Star:

One fine fall afternoon last year, Li Heping was making his way towards a newspaper kiosk not far from his office when a man approached, grabbed him by the arm and said sternly, “Come with me.”

“I said, `I don’t even know who you are’,” Li recalls. “But he said, `If your name is , you’d better come with me.'”

In a matter of seconds, Li had a cloth sack pulled over his head, he was wrestled into a car and driven to the outskirts of town where he was brought down into a basement and beaten.

Li is a lawyer – a partner in the respected Beijing Globe Law Firm.

He’s among a select group of in China who dare to take on politically sensitive cases.

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April 29, 2008 3:30 AM
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