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China Cancels UK Human Rights Summit After Akmal Shaikh Execution

From Telegraph: The UK-China Human Rights Dialogue is jointly organised by the Foreign Office and the Chinese Foreign Affairs ministry and has been running since 1997. The meetings, which take place twice a year, are a key part of Britain’s “comprehensive approach” to human rights in China, according to the Foreign Office. They offer a rare chance for British

January 10, 2010

China’s Secret Gambling Problem

From Telegraph: Ma Honggang was once a legend in the secretive, twilight world of China’s high-stakes gamblers. Moving from city to city, he spent countless nights around card tables in the smoke-filled apartments that act as secret casinos in a country where gambling is illegal and regarded by the authorities as a serious social evil. Now he has embarked on a different career: persuading

January 9, 2010

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