Taiwan Businessmen Caught Up in China Spy Cases

From Los Angeles Times:

The Kafkaesque spy world that Taiwanese businessman Song Hsiao-lien says he fell into has left him financially strapped, unemployed and unnerved after nearly four years in a Chinese prison.

Song was further rattled after his release late last year by the discovery in January of a body in Taipei‘s Dansuie River that turned out to be that of another former accused spy, Jiang jen-shi. Song says he and Jiang are among scores of businessmen whose lives have been upended over the years by the historical distrust between China and Taiwan, the shaky nature of Taiwan’s community and, in particular, the recruitment practices of the island’s Military Bureau. By some accounts, 800 Taiwanese are in Chinese jails, many allegedly on trumped-up charges.

May 3, 2008, 10:04 AM
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