Funny Bits from Beijing Olympics

From Inside-Out China blog: (h/t ESWN blog)

“加油!” – gas up!

A foreigner in Beijing asks a Chinese: “Gas prices are rising like crazy, why do all the Chinese keep shouting ‘Gas Up’ in the Games? Chinese are too rich.”

The Most Welcome Athlete

Chinese sports fans elected US shooter Matt Emmons as the most welcome Olympic athlete.

In Athens, with Matt Emmons far ahead in the 50-meter three-position Olympic rifle final, his last shot went into someone else’s target and he gave up the gold medal to China.

In Beijing, in the exact same position, with a huge lead going into the final shot of the same event, Emmons didn’t hit the wrong target; he missed. Again he gave the medal to China.

Heracles said, “No one steps in the same river twice.” But Chairman Mao said, “A foreigner, coming to China from ten thousand miles away, treats the Chinese’s liberation cause as his own, what is the spirit? It is the international spirit, it is the communist spirit, everyone should learn this spirit.”

An old friend of the Chinese people, Matt Emmons proved Heracles wrong by following Chairman Mao’s instructions.

August 27, 2008, 10:23 PM
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