Democrats Face Key Test as Hong Kong Votes (Updated)

AFP reports on the relatively low turnout for elections in Hong Kong today:

Despite warm sunshine in the afternoon, official figures showed only about 45 percent of registered voters cast their ballots, down from the nearly 56 percent turnout in 2004.

The vote was expected to provide a barometer for pro-democracy parties in the former British colony in the face of growing Chinese patriotism, with results expected early Monday.

Only 30 of the 60 legislative seats were being chosen by the city’s 3.37 million registered electors. The remaining 30 “functional constituencies” represent various business and industry interests chosen by select electorates.

Update: From AP:

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy camp has won more than a third of seats in legislative elections, retaining its veto power over major legislation.

Results announced Monday show the opposition has claimed at least 22 of 60 seats in the legislature. The key threshold for pro-democracy parties was 21 seats — a number that would allow them to block major legislation that requires a two-thirds majority for passage.

September 7, 2008 4:43 PM
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