Police Say 15 Injured, Eight Arrested After East China Riot (Video Added)

Eight forestry security guards have been detained for their role in recent in , according to a Xinhua report, which denied previous reports that two people had been killed:

Police also denied reports of deaths in the riot, which broke out just before midnight on Thursday in a dispute over land-use rents paid by a privately owned forestry company in Jiangxi Province.

Twelve villagers were injured, three of them seriously, after about 150 residents of Shuanghong Village, Daduan Town in Tonggu County, confronted around 30 company security guards, said police.

The villagers attacked the offices of the Luhai Wood Industry Company Ltd., destroying or taking away computers, air-conditioners and desks, said police.

About 100 public security bureau police were dispatched to the site and three of them were injured, one seriously, as they tried to restore order, said police. Four police cars were overturned, but they denied reports that any of them were set alight.

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October 27, 2008, 2:37 PM
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