Report: China’s Animal Feed Tainted With Melamine

From AP:

The industrial chemical is commonly added to animal feed in China to make it appear higher in protein, state media reported Thursday, in what appeared to be a tacit admission by the government that contamination is widespread in the country’s food supply.

The practice of mixing melamine into animal feed is an “open secret” in the industry, the Nanfang Daily newspaper reported, describing a process of repackaging melamine scrap into an inexpensive product called “protein powder,” which is then sold to feed suppliers.

The Web sites of the official Xinhua News Agency and the Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily newspaper also carried the story, in a rare move publicizing information that reflects poorly on the country — especially given recent food safety scandals involving contaminated Chinese dairy products and eggs.

October 30, 2008, 1:27 PM
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