Ex-Chinese Leader Ruffled as Magazine Breaks Taboo

Officials have targeted the magazine for its positive reporting on the late party secretary Zhao Ziyang, who is usually not permitted to be mentioned in the Chinese media. From The Age:

An official from the Culture Ministry visited the editor-in-chief of Yanhuang Chunqiu magazine at his home on Friday, seeking his resignation.

The official told editor that a retired leader had taken offence at the magazine’s favourable treatment of Mr Zhao, whose name has been taboo in the media for 19 years.

But 85-year-old Du has been a feisty stalwart of the Communist Party since 1937 and his publication enjoys protection through progressive senior party officials.

Mr. Du refused the official’s suggestion that he retire, and “said the matter had become a major issue and may trigger intervention from senior party officials,” according to The Age. Read more about Du Daozheng and Yanhuang Chunqiu in a post last year from CDT’s Biganzi.

November 19, 2008 11:09 AM
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