China Media Project: Yanhuang Chunqiu and the News Commentary Group

David Bandurski at the China Media Project looks at the role of the ’s secretive news commentary group in pressure recently exerted on liberal magazine:

Hong Kong’s Yazhou Zhoukan has reported that the Chinese journal Yanhuang Chunqiu, which has lately faced pressure from authorities, is now officially out of the woods [more from ESWN here]. The Hong Kong weekly also reports that the group behind the action against Yanhuang Chunqiu was the propaganda department’s news commentary group (NCG), or yueping zu (中宣部阅评组). Sound familiar?

When Freezing Point, the weekly supplement of China Youth Daily, was shut down in January 2006, the action also stemmed from a criticism issued by the NCG.

December 16, 2008 10:02 PM
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