Web Site Ordered To Pay Damages To China’s First “Virtual Lynching” Victim

From Xinhua:

A Chinese Web site and a netizen were ordered by the People’s Court in Beijing Thursday to compensate the plaintiff in China’s first case on Renrou Search Engine that launched a “virtual lynching” by netizens who search for and reveal targets’ private information.

The defendants, Daqi.com, Tianya.com and a netizen named Zhang Leyi, who established orionchris.cn, were sued by Wang Fei for posting his deceased wife’s blog. His wife, Jiang Yan, killed herself after discovering her husband was having an affair.

The personal blog recorded the two-months preceding Jiang Yan’s suicide. The blog revealed the real name and addresses of Wang Fei, which triggered many netizens to publicly harass Wang and his family.

December 18, 2008 8:25 PM
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