Charter 08 Worries China

From Christian Science Monitor:

On Dec. 8, the police took into a room in Beijing and sat him in a chair.

For 12 hours, they questioned him. They brought him water, but no food. And they debated the document that had led him here: Charter 08, a call for sweeping political change in China.

It’s gotten to be an old story here: A clutch of challenges the government; the government jails one or two to scare others into silence.

But the movement around is different, say human rights groups and Mr. Zhang, who helped draft the document.

A month after its release, Charter 08 is still making waves in China. A wide cross-section of citizens has expressed support online. And the government, nervous about social unrest and the approaching anniversary of Tiananmen Square, has contacted – and in some cases, interrogated and threatened – at least dozens of the manifesto’s original signers.

January 6, 2009, 8:47 PM
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