At Reading in Beijing, Noted Writer Is Stabbed

4b8c7b40462e0a31519a2The New York Times reports on the recent stabbing of blogger Xu Lai (aka ):

In a country where violence against journalists is rare, the bold assault stirred fears and a flurry of rumors. Some people suggested the attack may have stemmed from Mr. Xu’s writings, many of which take swipes at government corruption or poke fun at the ruling Communist Party. In recent weeks, Mr. Xu’s blog has included items on censorship, the melamine milk scandal and the fire that destroyed part of the new CCTV complex in Beijing last week.

In China, writers are given far more latitude for Web postings than for their work in newspapers and magazines. Still, there are limits to Internet expression.

Mr. Xu’s blog, ProState in Flames, was carried by Bullog, a liberal Web site, until the government shut down Bullog last month. His writings can still be found elsewhere on the Internet, although individual postings and links are sometimes deleted by censors.

See also a report from The Times:

The Southern Metropolis Daily said: “Xu Lai is a low-key sort of person and he’s just a science journalist who wouldn’t provoke anyone. However, there are many things on his blog that can touch a nerve and he has probably made enemies that way.”

The newspaper quoted a witness as saying that they heard one of his attackers say: “You brought this on yourself. You know why we’re doing this, don’t you?”

However, this could also refer to a personal feud as much as to any ideological vendetta over views expressed in his blog.

Black and White Cat has translated the report from Southern Metropolis Daily about the attack.

For more news on Xu Lai today, please click here.

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February 15, 2009 10:18 PM
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