Protester Throws Shoe at China’s Premier(Video Added)

A human rights protester hurled a shoe at Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao while he was speaking at Cambridge University. The shoe landed several meters from Wen. From CNN: A student who witnessed the incident told CNN that the man had stood up and shouted, “Why are you prostituting yourself? How can you listen to the lies he is telling?” Cameras filming the speech remained fixed on Wen during the incident, but video images later showed an unidentified student being escorted out of the building by a university proctor. The student was then handed over to police, a university spokesman, who would not disclose his name due to ‘university regulations,’ told CNN. The Guardian has this report. Read also:
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3 Responses to Protester Throws Shoe at China’s Premier(Video Added)

  1. Jing1126 says:

    A visitor to VOA Chinese website posted this after reading its news story on this:
    on: /chinese/w2009-02-03-voa42.cfm 侯建军 ([email protected]) from 中国 says: 温家宝 掷鞋子: 我平时挺喜欢宝宝的,但今天我失望了。做为总理,居然把一个表达自己想法的年轻人失礼的举动称之为”卑鄙的伎俩”,太可怕了!如果我们在中国有机会做这一举动的话,恐怕不但是”卑鄙”,而且还是”可恶”的了。我为有这样的总理感到脸红!他不但没有一丝政治家的机智,幽默,而且还从骨子里透出对西方人的无奈和仇恨!哪里有一点儿人味儿!自由,民主难道是专制的外衣吗?连普通基督徒的宽容和爱都没有!连普通的中国人都不如!

  2. ten chen says:

    This is what he gets in reward being communist leader. it has nothing to do with him being a Chinese but his policies to Falung gong practioner, Tibetan, chinese democratic movement, rights groups. I am actualy surprised how he missed it.

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