China Rights Activist Beaten at Cemetery

The New York Times reports on the beating suffered by Sun Wenguang, a 75-year-old retired university professor in Shandong, when he went to a cemetery to pay his respects to Zhao Ziyang on Qing Ming day: As he entered the cemetery in Jinan, a city about 230 miles south of Beijing, Mr. Sun said, four or five men attacked him and beat him severely. He is now in a Jinan hospital with three broken ribs and injuries to his spine, head, back, arms and legs, according to China Human Rights Defenders, a Hong Kong-based human rights group. The group said the attack on Mr. Sun was part of a concerted effort by the Chinese government to head off any efforts to memorialize the deaths of hundreds of Tiananmen Square protestors on June 4, the 20th anniversary of the government’s crackdown. “Chinese authorities are staging a campaign of terror to intimidate and suppress expressions of commemoration for the 1989 Tiananmen massacre,” the group said in a statement. The attack on Mr. Sun “is part of the overall campaign,” it said. Public security officials in Jinan referred calls about the incident to the propaganda office of the city’s Communist Party. No one answered phone calls to that office last night. Mr. Sun said he had previously visited the cemetery to honor Mr. Zhao’s death on Qingming Day without serious incident. But this year, he said, announced his forthcoming visit in an Internet posting. ...
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4 Responses to China Rights Activist Beaten at Cemetery

  1. MAC says:

    Okay, obviously the perpetrators are thugs. But doesn’t this come off as a bit disingenuous-

    “I didn’t expect this. I was not trying to organize any group of people. It was just a personal visit to a cemetery…”

    Considering that earlier it was written that:

    He said he had started down a cemetery path, carrying a banner that read “Condolences for the heroes who died for freedom”….

    Not that it makes any difference in the overall story, but seriously, who carries a banner to a strictly personal mourning?

  2. ten chen says:

    whate ever it may be, this is just a cruel treatment for 75 years old man. China has lost its morals, ethic and values under this communist regime. hunger and blinded by powers and corruption. never be charmed by economic success where her people are brutally treated.

  3. sr says:

    It seems to me that it’s one of the old man’s points…that it should not be a personal mourning, it should be a celebrated mourning for heros of justice and free speech within the Han majority.
    But of course, your right, I’m sure he “expected” something from sheepish thugs.
    He has the makings of a courageous hero in my book.

  4. John_01 says:

    This old man is beating dead horse democracy. Come on man you know that what coming to you if you carries those banner. He said it himself that he wasn’t bother in the previous year but now he want to politicized his visit by posting it on the net than this carries the banner. I agree with MAC on this one he is disingenuous