Hangzhou Street Racing Victim Compensated 1.13 Million

The family of Tan Zhuo, the young man who was accidentally hit by street-racer Hu Bin, was compensated 1.13 million RMB for Tan’s death. chinaSMACK shares netizen views:


I refuse to accept this! Without an agreement I will not believe it! The compensation was too quick, even before the courts have issued a sentence? Here, someone hits and kills 4 people and only paid 200,000! Everyone break up [“there is nothing to see here”]! Be careful when crossing the street, your father definitely does not have such good luck like old Tan [Tan Zhuo’s father]!


Street-racing in busy city areas, this is not a simple violation, it is a safety endangerment crime. If this kind of crime is not punished severely, there will be even more racing on the streets and there will be even more people hit by street-racing cars. Are you willing to be hit? Are you willing to use 1 million to exchange your life? Perhaps 1 million is not a small amount of money for many people, but this probably cannot even pay for the car that was used to kill you. If a society sinks into using money to buy peace, giving money to make peace, then there are plenty of rich people, plenty of millionaires, plenty of billionaires, who can drive however they want and hit/kill however many people they want because they have plenty of money!!! If the perpetrator is not severely punished, then let’s wait for even more souls dying under the wheels of these street-racer groups.


To speak my conscience, it is this society. If the media exposes it, and the leadership attaches importance to it, then the matter will go much more smoothly. [However] in most situations, the law stands on the side of those who have because they have money!! This will be “dealt with leniently”!! This is the inevitable law of !! Those with money will always be the boss, and those without money will forever be bullied by others! Poor people and rich people who have committed the same crime face different punishments. But if exposed, and everyone knows it, the leadership class, because of their goal of long-term development, will still however painfully impartially handle things!

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