Feng Zhenghu at Narita Airport (Updated)

Oiwan Lam from Global Voices has translated updates from , an activist who has been living in Japan’s Narita Airport for nearly three weeks after the Chinese government refused him re-entry. Feng has been updating his status via a Google document and Twitter. From a November 7th update:

I was kidnapped to airport in Nov 4. Today is Nov 7, I had not entered . For 4 days and 3 nights, I lived in the immigration check in hall. At night I lied on the bench. I suffered from hunger. There are shops and auto selling machine in the exist hall, but there isn’t anything in the immigration check in side. In the past 3 days, I only had three roll of rice. I asked the immigration management official to apply humanistic principle and let their staffs to help me to buy some rice rolls. He refused. They even refused to deliver food that my sister bought me. It is obvious that they tried to torture me by means of hunger in order to force me to enter . However, I would insist to carry on. Japanese bureaucrats are inhumane, indifferent and cruel. The so-called friendly country is just an ideal imagination of Japanese Prime Minister. If same thing happened in China, Chinese people would never treat foreigners like this. Chinese people are very cruel towards their own people in internal struggle, but very friendly to foreign guest…

UPDATE: From UPI: Chinese rights activist stuck at Tokyo airport:

A 55-year-old Chinese rights activist has been stranded at Narita Airport in Tokyo for more than two weeks, after being refused entry to his home city of Shanghai, China, where he tried to return from Japan on Nov 3. Feng Zhenghu has been living on snacks and drinks mostly given him by sympathetic travelers passing through the airport.

This ongoing story is not as romantic as the 2004 movie “The Terminal,” in which Tom Hanks plays a man stranded at an airport. Feng is stuck in the international arrivals area, in front of the immigration counters, and has no access to shops or showers.

He has drawn attention from numerous passengers, airport staff, Japanese and international media and U.N. officials, however, some of whom have contacted him on his cell phone.

Some photos from Feng’s Google Documents page, titled “I want to return to Shanghai and participate in the World Expo” (我要回上海,参加世博会):




November 22, 2009, 10:59 PM
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