Sex Change Rules Mended

People’s Daily reports on new regulations covering change operations:

Only those 20 or above with documented psychological reasons will be allowed to become a transsexual. And only surgeons with at least 10 years of related experience in hospitals approved by health authorities may carry out such procedures, according to the new regulations unveiled by the Ministry of Health.

Experts in welcomed the move announced Friday but also called for more measures to protect patients from institutions that may violate the rules.

The regulations said only upper first-class polyclinic or cosmetic surgery hospitals with approval from the health department are allowed to carry out the operation. The surgeons should have plastic surgery experience of more than 10 years, including five years with sex change operations and having performed independently at least 10 operations on reconstructing reproductive organs.

A psychologist should assess whether the patients are destined to have a sex change.

November 24, 2009 10:31 PM
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