China Jails Senior Tibetan Lama For 8 1/2 Years

From AP: China has sentenced a respected Tibetan lama to 8 1/2 years in jail for illegal land occupation and ammunition possession, possibly the first senior Buddhist leader tried on serious charges linked to riots in 2008 in the Tibetan capital, a lawyer said Thursday. A court in southwestern Sichuan province bordering Tibet convicted Phurbu Tsering Rinpoche, who headed a convent in Ganzi, a predominantly Tibetan prefecture in the province, Beijing-based attorney Jiang Tianyong said. Phurbu Tsering Rinpoche is a Buddhist priest, or lama, and is highly respected. He was arrested May 18, 2008, just days after more than 80 nuns in Ganzi held a demonstration against an official campaign to impose “patriotic re-education” on their convents, in which they were required to denounce Tibet’s spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama. ...
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4 Responses to China Jails Senior Tibetan Lama For 8 1/2 Years

  1. ty says:

    The Gillian Wong article leaves out many facts of the case…

    For better coverage of the case details see:

  2. ina eaton says:

    This is another push to commit complete Genocide of all true Tibetan born Tibetans. Beijing is afraid of religion,and the good in people that religion fosters in people,beijing is evil,corrupt,vile and poisonous so purity and goodness must be destroyed by the murderous corrupt communist china government. They have han chinese studying Tibetan traditions,and living daily lives,so they can MURDER all true Tibetans,what better way to kill the hopes of Tibetans then to jail,and murder the Lama’s of Tibet. Chine corrupt communist officials are all worthless,murderous corrupt vile blood mongers,and will stop at nothing to wipe out all Tibetans,and The Uighurs.

  3. Tenzin says:

    This is common practice to communist china. imprisoned senior lama in jail and make the society without a religious leader where Tibetan people seek the guidance. Many han chinese are also a very devot students of many Tibetan masters and they dare to speak or take action. I see every year thousands of chinese coming to India for the teaching of His Holiness The Dalai lama.

  4. Tsering says:

    China is becoming more powerful and it goes about executing and sentencing people on ground of national unity and state secret. Its a tragedy that the rest of the world can do nothing, but just watch and become subservient to China. Respect of human rights and freedom is now meaningless in front of trade and money. The so called civilized world has now become silent and powerful- less. For a Chinese this must come as a great news. Welcome to the century of China.