China Shuts Down Largest Hacker Training Website

Three members of China’s largest hacker training website have been arrested and the site shut down, according to Reuters:

The “Black Hawk Safety Net” website taught techniques and provided malicious software downloads for its 12,000 members in exchange for a fee, the Wuhan Evening News newspaper reported this weekend, citing police in Huanggang, just east of Wuhan.

Hacking from China has received international attention since Google Inc threatened to quit China last month after a serious hacking attempt originating from China, resulting in the theft of its intellectual property.

China has denied involvement in the hacking episode and said it does not condone hacking.

The website was shut in late November and three of its members arrested on suspicion of criminal activity, the newspaper reported, without saying why the news was only released now.

February 7, 2010 9:13 PM
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