Chinese Officials Dealing With New Pesticide Tainted Food Crop

The use of the illegal pesticide isocarbophos has contaminated cowpeas in Hainan:

Ignorance is being blamed for Hainan farmers’ use of the pesticide on a food crop. But local agriculture officials were reportedly angry over public disclosures by agriculture authorities in Wuhan over the tainted cowpeas from Hainan in the media, which caused some journalists to point out that no chances should be taken on the safety of the food supply.

China’s Ministry of Agriculture issued a warning about the contaminated cowpeas after finding contamination on test samples from several areas in Hainan. It took action by issuing a three-month ban on the import of cowpeas from any region.

In the meantime, agricultural authorities in Hainan have asked each region to strengthen its oversight of the use of pesticides by farmers to make sure they are not using banned substances.

March 3, 2010, 1:27 PM
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