Investigative Journalist on the Run

Global Times reports that journalist (仇子明) is wanted for arrest after uncovering insider trading at a Shenzhen manufacturing company:

A Beijing-based business newspaper pledged Wednesday to stand firm in defending one of its journalists who became a fugitive from the law following his whistle-blowing investigative report of insider trading by a Shenzhen-listed battery manufacturer in east Zhejiang Province.

Qiu Ziming, a reporter with the Shanghai bureau of the Economic Observer, found himself appearing on an online na-tional list of wanted criminals as police in Suichang County in Zhejiang alleged that he was “damaging the business reputation” of local Kan Specialties Material Corporation, a charge Qiu denied.

He was on the run after receiving a tip-off before police informed his newspaper Tuesday about the arrest warrant.

Qiu backed the credibility of his work, saying “there is no problem with the reports. … I can’t say too much since it is easier for police to locate me through my mobile phone,” he told the Global Times Wednesday in a hasty manner. “I just don’t want to be treated unfairly.”

July 28, 2010, 6:08 PM
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