Video: Zanta!

Zanta! is a documentary film by journalist Jocelyn Ford which follows the lives of widowed Tibetan street hawker Zanta and her seven-year-old son, whom she brought to Beijing so he could get an . The film is in post-production but a Facebook page provides updates to their story and the film’s status. Watch a nine-minute trailer here:

A Tibetan Migrant Worker in Beijing from Jocelyn Ford on Vimeo.

A widowed Tibetan woman from a conservative mountain village defies her father-in-law and insists on enrolling her young son in school. She brings him to Beijing, where she tries to give him to a foreigner so he can get an education. She struggles to support him by illegally selling handicrafts on the street, while evading occasionally violent police.

July 7, 2010 7:57 AM
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