Beijing Female Lawyer Trapped in “Railway Prison”

People’s Daily reports on a lawyer who was detained by railway police after a confrontation at the Beijing train station:

After the matter on that day, Wang Yu was asked to the Tianjin West Station Police Station to be questioned. Thinking herself to be the victim, Wang Yu requested that the concerned parties come for confrontation but was refused by the police. Then, the angry Wang came to the Tianjin Railway Public Security Office Supervision Team to complain about “the civil police’s denial of justice” before she went to the hospital for treatment.

Seven months later on Dec. 9, 2008, Wang Yu was suddenly taken by the police of the Tianjin West Station Police Station from her family in Beijing. Before leaving, Wang told her husband on the telephone, “The police officer in Tianjin is going to resolve our problem, and I will go there to ask for an explanation.”

Unexpectedly, the next day Wang was detained and put behind bars in the house of Tianjin Railway Public Security Office for intentional assault. The charge was that in the quarrel on May 4, Wang slapped a male staff member in Tianjian West Station in his face, leading to deafness and serious injury. Moreover, she pushed down a female staff member, resulting in injury to her hip.

Li Pinggui, Wang’s attorney said, “As a weak woman, Wang Yu has never learned martial arts. Faced with the converging attack from four strong ticket inspectors, it is unlikely she could beat the tall and strong male staff members causing serious injury, much less strike down three persons and hurt two persons. It is unbelievable.”

September 9, 2010 10:48 PM
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