China’s Dark Side: On Yellow River, Corpses Mean Cash

Tom Lasseter reports on the phenomenon of ‘body fishing,’ or fishing for corpses, in China. From McClatchy:

From his perch on an overhang above the , Wei Jinpeng pointed to a fisherman’s cove below and began counting his latest catch. He stopped after six, and guessed that perhaps a dozen human corpses were bobbing in the murky waters.

The bodies were floating facedown and tethered by ropes to the shore, their mud-covered limbs and rumps protruding from the water.

Wei is a fisher of dead people. He scans the river for cadavers, drags them to shore with a small boat and then charges grieving families to recover their relatives’ corpses. Wei said he kept the faces submerged to preserve their features. Any dispute about identity makes it harder to collect his bounty.

September 18, 2010 11:39 PM
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