Japan Refuses to Apologise to China

After releasing a Chinese trawling boat captain detained in disputed waters, Japan has refused China’s demands for an apology. From Al Jazeera:

China’s foreign ministry said it was angry at the detention of the captain, arrested by Japan over two weeks ago after his trawler collided with two Japanese patrol boats in waters near islands that both sides claim.

The ministry demanded an apology and compensation and said China’s claim to the islands, which it calls the Diaoyu and Japan calls the Senkaku, was “indisputable”.

In response, Japan’s foreign ministry said: “There is no territorial issue that needs to be resolved over the Senkaku.

“China calling for apology or compensation is groundless and is absolutely not acceptable.”

See also “Govt leaders flinch at China intimidation” from Japan’s Daily Yomiuri, and “China expresses strong protest over Japan’s illegal detention of trawler and fishermen, FM statement” from Xinhua.

September 25, 2010 4:22 PM
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