Chinese Twitter User Seized After Supporting Liu Xiaobo

The Guardian reports on the detention of Chinese user Mou Yanxi in Chongqing:

Zhang Shijie, a blogger in Chongqing, tweeted that officers had taken Mou Yanxi at about 2.30am.

Another Twitter user, @newsinchina, said Mou had returned home but police had kept her mobile phone and computer, adding: “Reminder for those who want to send her DM, emails or text messages – be cautious.”

Mou’s mobile phone was still switched off this evening. An officer at the police station she was reportedly taken to denied knowledge of the case.

Mou, a freelance designer thought to be in her 20s, had tweeted: “If there is really an anti-Japanese demonstration in Chongqing, I will carry a banner saying ‘Congratulations, Uncle Xiaobo!’ ”

October 26, 2010 11:12 AM
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