Hong Kong Netizens Respond To Nobel

The following are excerpts from the Hong Kong-based Tianya forum where netizens responded to news that Liu Xiaobo had won the Nobel Peace Prize:

Liu Xiaobo wins Nobel Peace Prize: Hong Kong Netizens’ Response

From the Tianya forum (Hong Kong):

“ Congratulations, a Chinese has once again won the Nobel Prize (Original creation)” (translator’s note: Netizen emphasized that this is an original creation to imply that this isn’t from the news headlines or Chinese official endorsement.)

作者:FunkyMaMa 发表日期:2010-10-9 0:48:27
  咁今次點呢 ?? 大陸媒體點報導呢 ??
What about this time? How would mainland Chinese media report on this news?
  當冇發生 ?? 某獎停頒 ?? 定係講一句就算呢 ??
Would it pretend that nothing had happened? The awarding of the prize had ceased? Or just briefly mention it in a sentence and that’s it?
  咁樣講唔會俾人刪呱, 我只係想知內地人點睇喱次同胞得獎啫
Talking about this won’t be deleted? I only want to know how mainlanders view that their compatriots won a prize.

3#作者:MMBBlalala 回复日期:2010-10-9 0:54:00
In China being a good person doesn’t usually end up well.

4#作者:Roy_97 回复日期:2010-10-9 0:57:00
在老毛時代會死得好慘﹐現今已大有進步了。If this was Chairman Mao’s time this guy would have been tortured to death, there has been great progress today.

6#作者:MMBBlalala 回复日期:2010-10-9 0:59:00
“喇喇啦拿” 我從來唔當係中國人 , 俾人趕走仲要俾人老屈係中國人真係慘
I have always considered the Dalai Lama to be Chinese, he was exiled and people still don’t understand him. Chinese people are really tragic.

7#作者:cabbies 回复日期:2010-10-9 8:31:00
Shit! Since 6:30 last night until now, there has been no news to watch. TVB (a Hong Kong news service) broadcast has been cut. Grandpa, grandpa (translator note: referring to Central government), don’t be like this.

11#作者:Patabthk 回复日期:2010-10-9 9:43:00
  夷, 小弟尋日用”花落中華, 白鴿滿天”為題, 內容只系”恭喜 恭喜 “.都因”敏感”被黑. 挑,賊眉賊眼. 心虛到死.
Yesterday I posted “flowers fell in China, pigeons filled the sky” in the subject line and in the message “Congratulations, Congratulations.” But it has been blocked because it is “sensitive”. F**K, “thief’s eyebrow, thief’s eye, guilty conscience” (translator’s note: implying that the censors have a guilty conscience”)

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