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Having just completed a Master of Research at the University of Nottingham on Chengguan-street seller conflicts, Natalie is now beginning a second masters, this time in Multimedia Journalism, at Beijing Foreign Studies University. Her major interests include migrant issues, social conflict, and more generally the impact of political reform on civil society.

Natalie has also previously worked for Chinadialogue and now blogs (in both English and Chinese) about her experiences as a journalism student in Beijing at

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US to put $30m Behind War on Online Censorship

The US state department is providing funds to the tune of $30m for developing technologies which help guarantee freedom of expression online, according to the Guardian. China’s heavily fortified (at least in some respects) cyberspace, along with that of states such as Iran and Burma, is expected to be a specific focus, as the US increasingly recognises the importance of who controls

May 12, 2011 10:51 PM

Full Security Presence at Investigative Journalism Conference

The Global Times reports on a gathering of some of China’s most prolific investigative journalists for an academic conference complete with security guards and delegates who are not allowed to speak: …Above the smell of instant coffee and the words of greetings, three security guards in dark blue uniforms, carrying walkie-talkies, were checking the nametag of each and

December 10, 2010 12:10 AM