Mob Violence Leaves Nine Dead at China Mine

AFP reports on a violent incident at a mine in :

Police have arrested 10 people, including rival coal mine owners, after mob that left nine dead and 48 injured in southwest China, state media reported.

The violence involving explosives and gunfire broke out after an underground shaft from one mine broke into a competitor’s in Yunnan province, a report by the official China News Service posted on the State Work Safety Administration’s website said.

Zheng Chunyun, owner of Yuejin mine, allegedly hired thugs to attack the Xiaosongdi mine on Thursday.

“We were ambushed with an explosion,” one of the injured, who was not identified, was quoted as saying in a Shanghai Daily report.

The was an explosion and a crack of gunfire then people started falling to the ground, the China News Service said.

November 20, 2010, 11:45 PM
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