China Postpones Planned Execution of Filipinos

After a meeting with Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay, China has decided to postpone the execution of three Filipinos convicted of . From CNN:

China has decided to “postpone the execution within the scope of the Chinese law,” the two nations said in a joint statement after Binay met with Wang Shengjun, president of CHINA’S Supreme People’s Court (SPC) and senior foreign policy officials.

“The Philippine side stated that it fully respects China’s law and the verdict of the SPC,” the statement continued. “The and China are determined to work together in the fight against transnational crimes. Including drug trafficking.”

Binay told CNN: “We express sincere appreciation to China for the SPC decision.”

China had previously refused the Philippine government’s pleas for clemency and it is unclear what prompted this sudden turn-around.

February 18, 2011, 2:06 PM
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