Foreign Hackers Attack Canadian Government

An “unprecedented” cyber attack on Canadian government computers has been traced back to computers in China. From CBC:

The attack, apparently from China, also gave foreign access to highly classified federal information and also forced the Finance Department and Treasury Board — the federal government’s two main economic nerve centres — off the internet.

Defence Research and Development works to assist in the scientific and technological needs of the Canadian Forces. It is a civilian agency of the Department of National Defence.

The cyberattack, first detected in early January, left Canadian counter-espionage agents scrambling to determine how much sensitive government information may have been stolen and by whom.

Highly placed sources tell CBC News the cyberattacks were traced back to computer servers in China.

They caution, however, that there is no way of knowing whether the hackers are Chinese, or some other nationality routing their cybercrimes through China to cover their tracks.

February 17, 2011 1:47 PM
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