Tibetan Writer Jailed for 4 Years in China: Group

A Tibetan magazine editor has been sentenced to four years in prison on unknown charges. From Reuters:

Tashi Rabten, an editor of banned magazine Eastern Snow Mountain, was sentenced on June 2 by a court in Aba prefecture, a heavily ethnic Tibetan part of Sichuan province next to the Autonomous Region proper, said the International Campaign for , a London-based group critical of Chinese policies.

China’s ruling Communist Party has faced persistent unrest in Tibetan regions of the country’s west, where many residents chafe at the government’s controls on their Buddhist religion and resent the growing presence of ethnic Han Chinese people.

The banned journal “was the first published Tibetan language commentary about the protests and crackdown from 2008 onwards, offering a critical perspective reflecting a prevailing sense of despair and loss, but also a way forward,” said an statement from the group issued late on Friday.

The statement did not say what charge Tashi Rabten was jailed for. But three other Tibetans who worked for the journal were jailed last year on charges of inciting separatism, an accusation that the ruling Communist Party often levels at Tibetans campaigning for self-determination for their homeland.

July 1, 2011 10:24 PM
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