China Accuses Japan of Exaggerating it as a Military Threat

China’s Foreign Ministry and Defense Ministry criticized Japan’s 2011 defense white paper, calling it “irresponsible.” From Reuters:

Foreign ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu obliquely warned Tokyo not to stray from its longstanding defense posture and, in comments on the ministry website (, criticized “irresponsible comments” in the .

In a clear reference to ’s occupation of China before and during World War Two, which remains a thorn in relations, Ma said: “We hope that will use history as a guide, and earnestly reflect on its defense policies, and do more to enhance mutual trust with its neighbors.”

Defense ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng said Japan was deliberately exaggerating the ‘China threat’ and acting out of ulterior motives, according to the ministry’s website.

Spokespeople for both the Foreign Ministry and Defense Ministry stated that China adhered to the path of peaceful development and the pursuit of a defensive national policy. From Xinhua:

The Chinese Foreign Ministry also points out China’s development benefits all countries in the world, including Japan. China calls on Japan to seriously reflect on its own defense policies and do more to deepen its mutual trust with neighboring countries.