Global Times Attacks Foreign Policy's "Limited View of Chinese Media"

Global Times has published a response to Foreign Policy’s recent profile of “China’s Fox News”, accusing it of inaccuracy, outdated perceptions and “unwarranted assumptions”.

On Monday, Foreign Policy website published a 2,500 word article by Larson named “: China’s Fox News,” which is the longest article about the in the foreign media yet. The article has an accompanying collection of “The Top 10 Screeds in China’s .” It may show that China is attracting more and more attention from the US media.

But we feel the quality of the article didn’t live up to what we expect from the . The article even does not describe the location of the Global Times clearly. Larson claimed in her article that Global Times is subject to government review before publication, which is totally contrary to the fact ….

It is not a bad thing for the media, especially the media in different countries, to respect each other.

Global Times usually criticizes the opinion of the US media. But we never report stories about the editorial department of the US media to prove the correctness of our criticisms.

November 4, 2011, 11:30 PM
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