China Tycoon ‘Ate Poisoned Cat-meat Stew’

A billionaire in Guangdong who died after eating slow-boiled cat meat stew was reportedly poisoned by the local official with whom he was dining. From the BBC:

A police statement said the two were involved in a dispute after Mr Huang allegedly embezzled money from Mr Long.

Mr Huang, an agriculture official in Bajia, took Mr Long, who ran a forestry company, to visit a piece of woodland on 23 December, said the statement.

Afterwards, the two went to a local restaurant to share a local delicacy, slow-boiled cat-meat stew. A friend of Mr Long’s was also present.

Mr Huang is alleged to have added the plant Gelsemium elegans to the cat-meat dish.

Local media say Mr Long was taken to hospital after feeling dizzy and sick, and later suffered a cardiac arrest.

January 4, 2012 2:18 PM
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